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Super Wave Challenge Arild-Skälderviken 19 km. Plats: Ängelholm. Endast för erfarna surfskipaddlare.

On wind speed from 8 m/s we present a world class surfskitrack with swell that goes up to three meters. The track is demanding and respectfull. With the right weather we will have a technical track that give the participants an extra ordinary experience. In winds SW to W we start in the little village Arild and paddle to Skälderviken Marina. With more northern winds we start at Ramsjöstrand and the waves will take us to the ”exotic” Sibirien beach. The last km when we get closer to the shore we will get amazing up to two meter breaking waves that put your skills on test. If you can handle it you will get a thrilled and exciting ride to the beach. Only for experienced surfskiers.

The race will take place on July 13th, 14th or 15th … the day with the best wind conditions.

Mer info och anmälan, se racets hemsida. Där hittar du också info om tävlingen Wave Challenge som körs den 12 juli och ingår i Svenska Surfski-cupen.

Aterra wave challenge logo

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